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Haze is of course disgusted by the creature and tears it to shreds. He is found three days later, lying in a ditch and suffering from exposure to the elements. As it turns out Haze, as suspected, is not an atheist, but actually has more in common with the most fanatical of the religious ranks, the Flagellants than he does with atheism.

Various women he encounters, like the seductive Sabbath Lily Hawks, are seemingly charmed by his unusual, dark demeanor; likewise, other individuals, like the dog-like Enoch Emery, are simply drawn to him with the innocent intent of befriending Hazel.

Motes becomes fixated on the fifteen-year-old Sabbath Lily and begins spending time with her. A borderline sociopath, he is never content with either himself or anyone else he encounters and feels the unceasing stirring need to pursue the foundation of his anti-church, devoting his every waking moment to attracting followers to his organization.

He walks into her house, sits on her bed, and places his hand on her shoe without speaking to her first. Believing that Motes has gone insane, the landlady, Mrs.

Flood, hatches a plot to marry him, collect on his government pension, and have him committed to an insane asylum. Literary context[ edit ] Wise Blood began with four separate stories published in MademoiselleSewanee Reviewand Partisan Review in and Shoats starts up his own campaign to save the souls of the needy, and extract a few bills in the process.

Much to his irritation people take him for a preacher. Motes is incapable, however, of maintaining any such relationships.

The year-old moves in with Motes, and he begins to more aggressively pursue his ministry, purchasing a dilapidated car to use as a mobile pulpit.

A local con man, Hoover Shoats, feels that Haze is really mucking up the whole point of starting a new religion, making money, and first attempts to join up with Motes, but when he is rebuffed finds a Haze look-alike right down to the car he drives.

He ultimately presents it to Sabbath Lily to give to Motes on his behalf; when Sabbath Lily appears to Motes cradling it in her arms in a parody of the Madonna and ChildMotes experiences a violent revulsion to the image and destroys the mummy, throwing its remnants out the window.

The young man rebuffs him.

The grandson of a traveling preacher, Motes Wise blood up struggling with doubts regarding salvation and original sin ; following his experiences at war, Motes has become an avowed atheistand intends to spread a gospel of antireligion. Motes dies in the police car on his way back to the boarding house.

After taking a train to the city, he rents a room in a seedy boardinghouse, occupied by Asa Hawks Harry Dean Stantonan evangelist who claims to have blinded himself for God, and his daughter, Sabbath Lily Amy Wrighta teenager who becomes infatuated with Hazel.Wise Blood was a surprising project coming from John Huston -- a modest, low-budget adaptation of Flannery O'Connor's novel about one man's rather combative relationship with God, it was a personal effort from a man who was used to working with major stars and large bankrolls, and it ha been acclaimed as one of the most remarkable works of /5(5).

The story of an obsessive, young, southern evangelist and several equally eccentric characters affected by him, WISE BLOOD, an unusual mixture of comedy, tragedy, satire and horror, is an. Wise Blood, Flannery O'Connor's astonishing and haunting first novel, is a classic of twentieth-century literature.

It is the story of Hazel Motes, a twenty-two-year-old caught in an unending struggle against his inborn, desperate fate/5(21). Wise Blood has 22, ratings and 1, reviews. Jeffrey said: After reading just a few pages of this book I kept thinking to myself Hazel Motes is /5.

Wise Blood

Oct 24,  · Watch video · In John Huston's darkly satiric film Wise Blood, adapted from Flannery O' Connor's first novel, Haze is caught in a struggle between the obsessions of his past and his desire to live the truth. The more he resists his rigid Christian upbringing represented by his fundamentalist grandfather, the closer he is /10(K).

Set in the Deep South during the postwar era, Wise Blood stars Brad Dourif as an aimless veteran, who decides to become a Bible-thumping preacher (for a 89%.

Wise blood
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