Why do people buy hybrid cars essay

Small but efficient cars can also prove to be useful particularly in large cities. It is much faster is only has two doors. This is why the Toyota Camry Hybrid gets such good gas mileage in the city.

This is recorded as the first hybrid car in the history. These purchase parameters tend to form the final decision-making or —breaking standards for purchase. This is not to say that these consumers do not posses intrinsic motivations, but that extrinsic reasons appear to play a more powerful role in their decision making process.

While some debate continues on the veracity of these propositions, this thinking has influenced the way people live by increasing their efforts to reduce energy use and to have fewer by-products as a result of consumption.

Yost Safety and security is yet another critical issue that is tackled more effectively in hybrid vehicles compared with gas powered vehicles. Utility is a common measure product performance. Expert drivers adapting to the new technology by modifying their driving techniques are in a better position to benefit from this innovative technology-driven vehicles.

This resulted in a sample where This is very good for a full sized car and will get the owner a long distance before having to refill the tank. Yost Due to above-mentioned reasons, a hybrid vehicle helps save environment from gas emissions creating pollution and breaking ozone layer.

Hydrocarbons react with nitrogen. However, because of the often non-significant result that is obtained from this group with more balanced views, these results are normally not reported in academic literature c.

All of these dimensions help the consumer choose which car to buy.

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It is in a class of its own and its only close competitor is the Honda Insight. One of the main reasons for these incentives is its low gas emissions, helping in going green.

Hybrid Cars Essay

For example, expensive cars are perceived to be prestigious and luxurious. For this purpose certain standards have been set by the government regarding specific emissions, so these standards should be met for enjoying tax credit.

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It can also be seen with pick stickers and fuzzy dice in the window being driven by a couple college girls on the way to the beach. These dimensions are sometimes called consumer consideration-sets. Then there are problems of oil-spills and underground storage of fuel.

Hybrid electric vehicles are as safe as other vehicles, offer more reliability and comfort. In other areas like oil changing, hybrid vehicles are also cost effective requiring oil change after a longer period than other vehicles.

Studies show that a person who uses mass transit, such as buses or subways, for a year, instead of driving to work, can keep about 9. You can see a Toyota Prius on just about any trip that you take and it does have unique styling that always turns heads.

Big cities have problems with smog which is a constant haze in the air caused by so many cars in one place emitting gasses bad for the environment.

Why Do People Buy Hybrid Cars? Essay

This is definitely not cost efficient for the owner. During rush hours, when vehicles are continuously stopping and running, performance of electric motor is appreciative. Many websites do a calculation of the cars which would be the lowest true cost to own.Main Features of a Hybrid Car and Current Market Leaders.

One of the major benefits of a hybrid vehicle is the strength of two engines used in it. Gas motor is useful for charging batteries while it is running, however it has to be charged through an outlet. Hybrid, on the other hand, does not need an outlet for charging purpose.

Why Do People Buy Hybrid Cars? Wan Ying Chua, Alvin Lee & Saalem Sadeque, The University of Western Australia Abstract This article reports on the underlying dimensions used by petrol-electric hybrid and conventional car buyers when evaluating a vehicle with the intent to purchase.

Hybrid cars are being built to look like gas fueled cars. Although Hybrid cars are not mainstream as of yet, in the future they will more than likely replace gas only fueled cars. There are three cars on the market that uses hybrid technology: Toyota Pirus, Honda Civic Hybrid, and the Ford Escape Hybrid.

Encapsulated are some reasons why hybrids are a good thing, along with a bit on why hybrids are not going to work, and concluding will be reasons not to support hybrid cars.

There are some environmental reasons for siding with hybrid cars, including saving fossil fuels for other things, cleaning our air, and saving our planet overall.3/5(9). Why Do People Buy Hybrid Cars? Consumers are buying increasing numbers of environmentally friendly cars.

Increasingly, many of these environmentally conscious consumers choose to purchase petrol-electric hybrid vehicles. In this category of “greener-cars”, Toyota’s Prius model is reported to be the market leader. Americans today do not realize that hybrid cars are not cost efficient to buy.

This is caused by many factors, many having to do with price of production and gas prices. The cost of production for many hybrid cars is too high causing the car to be to expensive for consumers to buy.

Why do people buy hybrid cars essay
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