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She served as the U. On the one hand, they were thumbing their noses at society by hanging out at a place populated by gamblers and pool sharks — on a school day. She decided to write a poem about it.

The pause is there to allow the readers to understand the validity of what the boys are going to say next. She looked through the doorway of a pool hall and saw a bunch of guys who looked too young to be there. Using only a few well-placed words, Brooks recreated the atmosphere of the pool hall and the attitudes of the players.

This poem has great significance behind it.

Poet Laureate from The line break the poet uses throughout the poem gives it a smooth jazz sound. Readers would perhaps enjoy listening to Gwendolyn Brooks recite the poem before they actually read it for the first time in order to be able to understand the rhythm she created for it. When reading it for the first time without listening to it readers would have a hard time understanding the rhythm she created for it and it might not give the readers the true feeling of the poem.

The speaker of the poem does something like that here. Being able to relate I was able to close my eyes and create an image of the pool players in the pool hall and some of the things I did as a young African American boy growing up in a poverty stricken area.

Growing up in an area similar to what Gwendolyn Brooks talks about allowed me to be able to relate to her every word. She sees these guys who think they are "real cool," who think they know something about jazz and "singing sin," and this poem is her response.

At first you might think the speaker is being judgmental — imagine an older lady wagging her finger and saying, "You darn kids! The use of metaphors in this poem allows her targeted readers to relate to her words because it speaks their language.

The three elements that interest me the most are the language, form and the content. Brooks was a Chicago poet, and she lived in the Windy City for most of her life.

She was intrigued by what she saw as their combination of boldness and insecurity. The poem describes the behaviors of seven urban African American youths in a pool hall in Chicago. Why Should I Care? The language displayed in this poem is straightforward and is the key element in the poem to understanding its theme.

Rather, the speaker is trying to imagine their thoughts. After all, what the heck is she doing poking her head into a gambling and drinking establishment in the middle of the day?

She emphasized sound over description. Chicago is known as a center of the blues and jazz cultures, and even more so when this poem was published inin the collection The Bean Eaters. This poem illustrates the quintessence of seven troubled adolescents who will eventually succumb to the unfortunate likelihood that life can render a young Africa American male living the life in the fast lane during that era.

There are some people who have interpretation of this poem being an example of a rap song after hearing it. The form of the poem has a rhythmic and rhymes feel to it.The first line of the poem reads “We real cool” ()and the last line read “We die soon” ().

We Real Cool

So, in other words the pool players were too cool for their own good. Brooks expresses the way she feels about school drop outs in a short, yet forceful poem. ?We Real Cool?

Poetry Essay Assignment 5. Analyze a poem using a structure that will include a paraphrase of the poem, interpretation of the poem, and the theme of the poem. The poem by Gwendolyn Brooks entitled “We Real Cool” was inspired by a group of seven young people playing pool who portray the life of several young people.

"We Real Cool" has become an example of what can be accomplished in a very short space with simple, everyday language. Much like William Carlos Williams 's " The Red Wheelbarrow," "We Real Cool" is as much about defining the possibilities of poetry as it is about its particular subject matter.

Home / Essay Examples / American Literature / We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Broo We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks – Essay Sample. This short poem, which consists of twenty four words only, was written by Gwendolyn Brooks, a prominent poet from Chicago.

“We Real Cool” is a vivid example of what can be done with a few simple.

We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks - Essay Example

We Real Cool essaysBoth poetry and prose employ language as their means of transmitting their messages and their themes. In prose, the language tends to lie in the background serving to transparently provide a window into the world it portrays and the meaning the passage contains.

Poetry, however.

We real cool essay example
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