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I was expecting some of that Soweto hardcore hip hop flava. And here I was, back in Soweto with a balding cracker, he had replaced his shotgun and rubber bullets for a Leica camera and the piccanins all wanted to give him a hug and the native women all wanted to fuck him and cook some pap and spinach for him afterwards.

Thesis is bringing a music Thesis social jam sessions soweto called Thesis Social Jam Sessions. But then Thesis Social is not exactly a hip hop event, I was just misinformed by a balding jewish man who made us arrive 3 hours early.

So if the inner city is now run by Thesis social jam sessions soweto Tlale and Mika Stefanis and the heralded realness of Soweto has been usurped by the quasi organic art fags and weed smoking conscious rhyme spewing hipsters, then where the fuck am I supposed to go?

Gentrification is a muthafucker. When we got there I saw an ensemble of like 10 keyboardists and bassists and three girls on the mic, I knew it was going to be a night of drawstring cotton pants, incense sticks, Azania chants, communist rants and of course some spoken word poetry about woman pride or being afraid of circumcision.

This brand lays a point of view about the experiences, culture, ambiance and the beat of Soweto. Symbolically Soweto is considered as the root of South African blackness, the birth place of the struggle, the home of Hector Peterson and Mandoza. They have super clean porta loos at Thesis Social Jam.

With saying that, Thesis Social Jam Sessions are recorded and broadcast through pod-casts, so that the message, vibe and atmosphere filters down to the people and for them to have physical evidence of what we are all about.

Born out of true deprivation of what is good in our terms, the Thesis Social Jam Sessions were conceived.

As previously proven worldwide, music is the unifier of all languages around the world, including Soweto. In the streets of Soweto a creative shell was cracked when a truly raw brand was born.

Soweto sure has changed. So join the family and enjoy the show! Thesis as a fashion company and brand has already set up the platform through their fashion design and concept store, thus their association with the new brand…Thesis social Jam sessions.

But then again who wants to look at pictures of dead cats on my blog. My editor was trying to joke around, but I could see by the ring of sweat and fire on his bald head that he had some serious concerns about the luxurious size of my jewels. Thesis Social Jam Sessions provides a platform to unsigned and signed artists and live performers.

Live elements rule the platform with new and unsigned some signed acts performing to woe the eclectic crowdz that gather to share in on this environment. The organizers of the sessions would love to hear from you all about your opinions on the nights and who you would like to see playing in the future.

The only thing that was really hip hop about the party was the dire lack of women. I think people in Mofolo need to eat more fibre and pork.

Thesis Social Jam Sessions

Thesis Social Jam Session Vol3. The arts being talked about include music, photography, fashion design, graphic design, live performance, comedy, poetry and film.

But many suburban blacks can still be found hob-nobbing amongst the acrid but pleasant smell of dust and burnt meat in places like Mofolo and Rockville.

Soweto Hipster Hop

People never visit me or party in the North because they say its too far, even shit bags that live in Melville complain about driving to the North, so eventually I just told myself fuck it, my borders are the inner city limits and, besides, I never liked dusty places anyway.

And almost every black person in Johannesburg can trace their roots somewhere to Soweto. Click on the flyer for more info:Review: Thesis Social Jam Sessions – Live After Jam by: Lebogang Thlako - 6 August Like many other regulars I was pretty bummed when I learned that The Thesis Social Jam Sessions held in Mofolo (Soweto) was shut down.

Thesis Lifestyle is a concept space based in Mofolo, Soweto. With this platform we will showcase the sound that is well known through our social jam sessions. Soweto. 1 Tracks. 87 Followers. Thesis Social Jam Sessions, Thesis Concept Store, Machaba Drive Mofolo Village, Soweto, South Africa.

Sun Jan 08 at pm, TSJS Sounds something like a code word that you need to figure a way out of the sad January. Thesis started out as a clothing brand, with its first store located in Mofolo Soweto. The brand attracted the attention of the trendy Soweto youth, who were itching for something new and exciting.

This gave birth to the Thesis Social Jam Sessions, a party that kicks off on the first Sunday of every month. Thesis Social Jam Sessions are what the creative urban youths need to eliminate mediocre or unproductive activities.

More than the music is the realtionship and collaborations that eminate from these sessions. Next week Thursday, 20 November our boy, Kid Fonque will be hosting an insightful couch session with world renowned elite music Producer / DJ Come through with your mpintshis and experience the freshest food in Soweto!

Here's what we have on the menu: Daily Specials (10) Thesis Concept Store (7) Thesis Social Jam Session (4.

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Thesis social jam sessions soweto
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