Single parent family research paper

In most circumstances, it occurs after separation or divorce and the mother becomes the primary caregiver as the custodial parent, and the father becomes a secondary giver as the noncustodial parent.

Single Parent Families

Her children surprisingly took to the changes very well; they adjusted well and were emotionally healthy. The results were quite interesting: Her first born is now in the United States working for an IT company while her second son is in his last year in college.

That means there is a single parent in every group of 25 people, or in practically every medium-size office, or in every three or four households in a village. Look no further than ProfEssays.

Marriage is positively associated with education and employment. Most notably, the increased incidence of persons in families below one-half the poverty line can be traced to both an increase in the share of single-parent families and an increase in the propensity of single-parent families to reside at these very low levels of economic well-being.

The picture of a perfect family. One way to combat the negativity Single parent family research paper this situation is to use it as a learning experience for the child. In a better definition one can say that single parent is one who is saddle unwillingly with the responsibility of brining up a child or children as the case maybe, so we talk about the single mother and father.

Giving her children the freedom to do things on their own was the biggest problem Lea faced, because her husband left her the hold she had on her sons were tighter than ever because of the fear that they Single parent family research paper leave her as well.

On the other hand, not all single mothers sprang out from failed marriages. It, therefore, calls for stringent budgeting aimed at reducing the overall expenses in order to make ends meet. Hiding your feelings from the child can cause them to believe that feelings are a private manner and should never be shared, while grieving too much and too openly can lead the child to become scared and uncomfortable with the situation.

Being honest with them is the healthiest thing you can do. Becker show that children who are controlled with power-assertiveness have reactions of increased aggression towards other children, resistance to cooperation with authority figures, and hostile active-out behaviors Becker, Dependent on their circumstances, and if the other parent is contributing to their care, this may be easier for some but is still an issue for the parent who is running the household.

A child going through adolescence may engage in activities that include radical clothing, haircuts and some activities may include the extremes of drugs, alcohol and sex.

Establishing a relationship with your child requires communication; this is the best key in helping a relationship grow between a single mother and her child, where both child and mother will find a center in their relationship and where problems can find a solution and where compromises about things can be made.

Social rearing of children Social rearing of children include teaching them to learn right from wrong, teaching them to be the kind of people who enhance rather than diminish the quality of life in our society and passing on to them a sense of morality, values and social responsibility Aldrich This paper will focus on single mothers and their journey living with the stereotype of her child being either rebellious, having emotional problems, or being a problem child and the typical notion of a single mother as being an incompetent parent.

Once an agreement has been made explain to them how things will go in the future. Single-parent families are identified as playing a key role in shaping the incidence and distribution of economic well-being below two times the poverty line.

Now as the church submits to Christ, According to each of these studies, education can directly be impacted by living in single-parent households.

Effect on Social Capital Before Weitoft et al. They concluded that "it appears that being in households which are financially secure and have two parents may minimize the likelihood of later behavior problems, even in low birth weight youngsters with known neurological insults" p.Free Single Parent papers, essays, and research papers.

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The Single Parent

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Research into single-parent families may be qualitative or quantitative, or else a combination of both. A research paper into the mental well-being of single mothers, published in the "Journal of Happiness Studies," for instance, cross-referenced thorough, qualitative interviews with.

Single-parent families find it harder to function then two-parent families. Most two-parent families are less emotionally supportive of their children, have fewer rules, harsher discipline, provide less supervision, and engage in more conflict with their children.

The Single Parent.

Single Parent Research Paper Writing Skills: Important Issues

The single parent faces some unique challenges and should always be ready to tackle them and maintain a happy family. The main challenge is how to influence a child's growth and development positively without the child being affected substantially by the absence of the other parent.

This, therefore, raises the stakes of single parenthood in owing to that sole responsibility bestowed on .

Single parent family research paper
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