Nigel slack operations management

Exercise — One method of establishing the connection between markets and operations is to ask the class members to find a business-to-consumer website, formally list the marketing promises that the website makes and then think about the operations implications of these promises.

We have found it useful to describe the supply network as the highest, or most macro, level of the process design task. Exercise — Use the pie chart that shows the percentage of consultancy spend in various functional areas and shown below, to prompt a discussion. Certainly, Chapter 3 is concerned with the design decisions relating to supply networks.

Mix of products and services flexibility. Process knowledge allows deviations from standard to be monitored. Do you have valuable operations capabilities? Why do you think this is so? This means making a Nigel slack operations management, logical and explicit link between all the activities of the operation and the business strategy in which it operates.

It should help establish and maintain its desired market position by providing the levels of service, innovation and cost that outclasses, or at least keeps up with, competitors. Again, there are several cases in the companion volume to this book Johnston, R.

Project management capabilities Interpreting strategy to operations capabilities Learning to network capabilities If possible try to do this exercise with your colleagues or others who know the operation under analysis, after you have thought through it yourself.

Regular exchange of ideas and performance with other internal operations within the organization. Clearly, it is a vitally important issue for any practicing operations manager, but operations strategy is a large, and to some extent separate, topic.

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We call this the double whammy effect of operations. These elements are illustrated in the diagram below. Innovation within the operation Simplistic but little understood objectives Operations management sees responsibility for innovations as being outside the operation.

A suitable blank slide is included in the PowerPoint files.

What You Need for an Effective Operations Strategy

Operations management takes on a facilitator role in helping other internal operations. These four elements or perspectives on operations strategy are discussed in detail below. Performance objectives are trading-off at a significantly higher level than competitors.

For example, what will the company have to do in terms of its inventory management, warehouse locations, relationships with suppliers, transportation, capacity management and so on, in order to fulfil its promises? Cisco is doing well when it comes to flexibility.

Thus, two further questions are relevant: For example, one could ask different groups to identify different types of restaurant, food retailer, car servicing operation, cinema, club or pub, etc.

New approaches are based on a sound understanding of the skills needed to meet market needs and to work within resource constraints. Exercise — For residential courses, especially of post-experience students, an evening could be spent on the town, where syndicates are required to sample the services of a restaurant, a retail operation and an entertainment operation, and report back the following morning.

Speed Speed as an operations objective reflects how fast the firm can respond to customer requests. All operations staff understand the relative importance of operations objectives and can debate their implications.

Case exercise — The London Eye This is a great way of giving participants a change of scene on the Thursday of a one-week course. Key performance trade-offs are identified and improvement strategies put in place to overcome them.

You are currently viewing a preview The preview contains 14 out of pages. Quality increases speed, Quality as an objective does not only have external impact like customer satisfaction, it also has internal impact when sorting out quality problem that might distract the firm from giving attention to other parts of the operation which might result on delaying the production and the selling process and affect the overall speed of the operations.

Already have an account? In other words, is there a clear correspondence between your business and your operations strategy? He is a consultant, researcher and teacher with wide experience in many sectors, including Financial services, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Retail, Professional services, general services, Aerospace, FMCG, and Engineering manufacturing.Operations Management by Nigel Slack and Alistair Brandon-Jones is quite simply the best text on operations management.

Comprehensive, engaging and insightful, I cannot recommend this book highly enough'. Operations Management focuses on the sustainable and socially responsible imperatives of operations management, using over cases and illustrations of real-life operations around the world, including Apple, Médecins Sans Frontières, Amazon, Ecover, Dyson.

May 04,  · Overview Introduction About Cisco Systems Introducing Operations Management Operations and Business Strategy The Five Basic Operations Performance Objectives Quality Speed Dependability Flexibility Cost References Introduction This essay aims to analyze and discuss the five objectives of Operations Management, i.e.

cost, quality, speed, dependability and flexibility for the operations. Read 49 publications, and contact Nigel Slack on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

If flexibility is an important concept in operations management, it should be explored. "In this market-leading text, the Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, and Robert Johnston bring to life their comprehensive, pratical and strategic view of operations management with over contemporary and international examples of operations in practice, as well as providing critical commentaries on areas of academic contention and professional 3/5(2).

Operations Management by Nigel Slack and Alistair Brandon-Jones is quite simply the best text on operations management. Comprehensive, engaging and insightful, I .

Nigel slack operations management
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