Literature review of tourism in gujarat

Gujarati literature is widely considered to have risen along with the spread of Bhakti Movement.

Traced back to the Sultanate period, the stories and messages evolved as they passed through generations, leaving behind versions of myth and legends.

At present, the literature in Gujarat is no longer constrained within the boundaries of Gujarati language. Around the same time, the great Bhakti poet, Mirabai, also gained prominence.

At this time, Sanskrit and Prakrit were the two languages in uses and the only kind of literature that existed was religious. Here, brand new value systems were established and due emphasis was given to traditional Gujarati literature. Thereby, writing, marketing and promoting Literature throughout the world.

The Literature of this era is famous for its patriotic overtones. His music was accompanied by songs, and often, akhyans. He wrote extensively about self-government and was a vocal supporter of a single national language.

The themes are youth-oriented and publishers produce and market books especially for the young adult populace. Among the short story writers and playwrights, Jayanti Dalal, Chunilal Madia, Gulabdas Brokers and others added to the critics list of new criticism and traditional criticism to post Gandhian period.

It was characterized by humanism, social consiousness and with the perseverance of National spirit. He conveyed his ideas in new phrase forms while introducing western literary forms too. International authors too have discovered a new market for their books translated in Gujarati.

Gujarat, the westernmost state of India, has a rich literary tradition. This became the most influential Literature piece in Gujarati.

The early Literary journey began in Gujarat way back during 11th Century when Trade and commerce influenced Hinduism and Jainism.


Gandhian literature was famous for its social consciousness, nationalistic fervour and rampant humanism. Print on Demand services, Google open book source, easy availability of e-books have all contributed to the promotion of literature.

The poet Mannbhaat wore rings on his fingers and created music by striking them repeatedly on a copper pot. Their writings were responsible for influencing thousands and are still passed on as legacies.Kryshanda Delancy November 9th Dr Oenbring Literature Review Sustainable tourism in the Bahamas Lino Brigulio, Richard Butler, David Harrison and Walter Leal Filho, authors of the book entitled Sustainable Tourism in Islands and small states defined Sustainable tourism as tourism development that avoids damage to the environment, economy and cultures of the locations where it takes place.

LITERATURE REVIEW Destination Branding. To understand, Gujarat as a tourist brand it is imperative to understand the concept of destination branding that has been looked upon by various academicians. Tourist Destinations. Tourism destinations are products of history and culture.

Gujarat one of the top five tourist States of India in terms of local, national and international tourist arrivals by II.

OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 1. To analyses the economic impact on Gujarat tourism due to Globalization. 2. To study the innovative practices undertaken by Gujarat Tourism to make Gujarat a top 5 tourist destination states of India.

Gujarat state is famous for various kind tourisms, such as. A) Medical Tourism. B) History and Heritage Tourism. C) Cultural Tourism. D) Business Tourism.

E) Recreational Tourism. F) Spiritual Tourism. In detail explanation. A) Medical Tourism. Medical tourism is a new force of the tourists, who visit abroad for their medication or medical treatment. Literature Home > Gujarat > Culture In Gujarat > Literature Literature Not only does literature provide valuable insights into culture, history, and sociology, it also imparts order to man’s experiences. – Gujarat State Portal provides a unified interface to all Government Departments and acts as a front-end to the Government’s vision and foresight. This is an attempt to give a vision into the potentials of the state.

Literature review of tourism in gujarat
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