Hms thetis secrets and scandal

Unfortunately, the test cock on tube number 5 was blocked by some enamel paint so no water flowed out even though the bow cap was open. It was a rushed job with much cost-cutting by the Admiralty. She could have been repaired but the fear was that she would be more susceptible to damage from depth charges.

A second operation against Palermo harbour in January was more successful. But events were dictated by a wartime economy. The admiralty announcement was made on June 2ndexactly four years after they had escaped from their steel tomb.

One of the checks was whether the internal torpedo tubes Hms thetis secrets and scandal flooded. On the night of March 12th Thunderbolt sighted a large convoy escorted by a single Italian sloop. His daughter, Barbara Moore, now 80, of Bebington, Wirral, was ten at the time.

Among the dead were two naval constructors and several of the submarine team from Cammell-Laird; experienced designers and builders of submarines who would have been needed during the war.

One further fatality occurred during salvage operations, when Diver Petty Officer Henry Otho Perdue died from "the bends" on 23 August Frederick Woods remained in the Royal Navy as an officer in the surface fleet.

If refitted the submarine could be back in service within the year. Prickers to clear the test cocks had been provided but they were not used. Seawater had burst through a rear torpedo tube and flooded half of the vessel. After 50 hours trapped inside their metal tomb in Liverpool Bay, all the crew were dead of carbon dioxide poisoning, killed by the breath they had exhaled.

After completion, trials were delayed because the forward hydroplanes jammed, but eventually started in Liverpool Bay under Lieutenant Commander Guy Bolus. The crew on board HMS Thetis seen here partially submerged died from carbon dioxide poisoning in after the Navy refused to save them - which it could have done in five minutes At the time — June — with the Second World War looming, saving the submarine was deemed more important.

The stern of the ft-long submarine broke surface, her rudder sticking 18ft into the air.

Some 26 vessels were circling the submarine, crammed with Navy personnel, salvage experts and heavy cutting equipment. On 3rd December, she proceeded in the company of her fellow submarines Tribune and Cachelot, escorted by the armed yacht Cutty Sark. It took 17 hours before the skipper, Lieutenant Commander Guy Bolus, and the other most senior officer, Captain Harry Oram, devised a way to rework the air pumps and lighten the aft section.

A search was immediately instigated. They made it sound like suicide. The British submarine was forced to dive and escape by the combined fire of the Italian auxiliary cruiser Brindisi and a coastal battery, while the sailboat only received light damage. Thunderbolt went into action when the Battle of the Atlantic was at its height.

REVEALED: How Navy let 99 sailors die to avoid damaging stricken sub

The incident attracted legal action from one of the widows, who brought a claim of negligence against the shipbuilders, for not removing the material blocking the valve.HMS THETIS - Secrets & Scandal.

Aftermath of. a Disaster By David Roberts Secrets and Scandal is a shocking revelation of the establishment, all the way up to Churchill, closing ranks whilst the ‘lower orders’ were treated in a manner that was simply unforgivable.

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In poor condition, suitable as a reading copy. Please note the Image in this listing is a stock photo and may not match the covers of the actual item5/5(1). Almost all of the skilled submarine staff at Cammel Laird's in Birkenhead had died when Thetis was lost.

The opinion of the shipyard was that the Royal Navy was to blame for the loss and the tardy salvage operation thereafter. Buy HMS THETIS - SECRETS AND SCANDAL - AFTERMATH OF A DISASTER 75th Anniversary Edition: HMS THETIS - SECRETS AND SCANDAL - AFTERMATH OF A DISASTER 75th Anniversary Edition Kindle Edition on the 60th anniversary of Thetis, why did a handful of living widows get just £ per month from the fund, in one case LESS TAX!

5/5(1). HMS Thetis partly resurfaced with the men still alive inside and rescuers could have saved them in just five minutes by cutting air holes through the 5⁄8in-thick steel hull. A larger hole could.

Hms thetis secrets and scandal
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