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Confidentiality: NHS Code of Practice

The Codes let you know what you can expect from social service workers, whether they are social workers, early years practitioners, care home staff or any of the many other social service roles. The central purpose of all Gscc code of practice endeavour was always to raise standards and increase public protection.

Use clear invoices and terms of business, explaining costs and charges in a way which will, where appropriate, allow the person readily to identify what he or she will be required to pay and whether he or she might be entitled to state assistance.

The publicity indicates that their main purpose is to serve as a form of reassurance to the people who use services, and to the general public, that care workers are expected to conduct themselves and to practise in line with agreed standards. Involving people who use services in the development of the GSCC is another important part of the legacy.

Workers are responsible for making sure their practice meets the Gscc code of practice standards and that no action or omission on their part harms the wellbeing of people who use services. A brief study of the contents of the Code and the NMTS will show that, if staff are achieving the common induction standards as they are already required to do and are achieving the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety in their practice, they should be compliant with both the Code and the standards.

Conduct business with transparency; deal with others honestly and fairly at all times, particularly ensuring that what is - and is not - in any agreement or contract is clearly defined.

Maintain accurate and appropriate records of people using and working in the service. UKHCA members should strive to enhance public understanding and confidence by: This is due to become available in September All qualified social workers should be registered.

Indicators of such quality are outlined in Part 2. In considering uses of the Code, it has to be recognised that increasing numbers of social care workers are operating outside the scope of regulated services, eg as personal assistants.

Most statements in the one document can be found, or are reflected to some extent, in the other. Deal promptly, openly and efficiently with complaints and learn from them by improving services.

In that respect, the frameworks do little more than repeat, at the level of the individual, the standards their service should be expecting of them. The version stresses, in order: Assist people who use services to communicate their views and wishes by talking, writing, signing or any other means, so their decisions and priorities are clear.

You can learn more about the RQIA here: The two codes contain more or less the same substance, but some ideas have been reframed or stressed differently.

This will ensure that they comply with the Code and have achieved the minimum competences that are listed. Further information is available here: They might also use them to check that they have corresponding policies in place to match the different statements.

Who will sit on the GSCC? More information is available from their website: Promotion at all times of the safety of the staff at work, the person using the service and third parties.

The title "social worker" has been protected by law in England since 1 April The government decided three years ago not to take this agenda forward in England although social care workforce regulation is progressing elsewhere in the UK. It is a surprise to remember that before the GSCC came into being there was no regulation of the social work profession.

Actively participating in UKHCA-led campaigning and media initiatives on behalf of members and of homecare generally when requested. Balancing choice and control against public protection would require a flexible and responsive model of regulation and one that fits the changed social care landscape and the role of people using direct payments to employ their own care staff, but the need for some model of regulation remains.

What challenges does the GSCC face? Listen to - and act on - credible reports of poor practice wherever they are from.

Definition of 'code of practice'

Care staff and their managers must comply with their respective Codes of Practice. The frameworks will no doubt be useful to employers and managers who might use them as tools to assess and improve the behaviour and practice of their staff. Recording and reporting systems which enhance quality of care, but are not constraining or overly time-consuming.General Social Care Council Submission to the Children, Schools and Families Select Committee inquiry into training of Children and Families Social Workers.

One way in which the responsibilities of employers can be made clearer is through making the GSCC Code of Practice for Employers mandatory and enforceable. 3 Code of Professional Practice for Social Care The Code is a list of statements that describe the standards of professional conduct and practice.

This booklet contains the Code of Practice for Employers of Social Care Workers. This code was developed in alongside the Code of Practice for Social Care Workers as a joint project between the Northern Ireland Social Care Council; the General Social Care Council (powers.

In line with our statutory powers, we have produced Codes of Practice on Employment, Services and Equal Pay. The main purpose of the Codes of Practice is to provide detailed explanations of the provisions in the Act and to apply legal concepts in the Act to everyday situations. The Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England (the Code) was launched in April to replace the previous General Social Care Council’s (GSCC’s) Codes of Practice, which were in use since Looking for the definition of GSCC?

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