Grgrades encourage students to learn

To begin with, getting high grades causes huge pressure for many students. Moreover, students begin to forget about the real meaning of learning is knowledge, not grades.

I made some changes to make it sound more fluent and native. It seems that grades has become the purpose of studying. Furthermore, students may develop the bad habit of cheating to get good grades.

Study means more than just getting good grades. Moreover, grades are efficient system to get into the school or college. Finally, it is necessary to grade students to get into the school or college.

During some weeks, there were three tests of different subjects that I had to take every day. I had to get used to taking numerous test. The freshman year of high school was really tough for me.

It took me a considerable of amount of time to familiarize myself with the extensive amount of tests. However, a substantial number of exams dramatically pressurizes students.

Grades encourage students to learn because competition makes them to get want to improved, and it is important to know their position in their classroom. Students ought to regard knowledge, instead of high grades, as their goal to learn.

In general, people enjoy sports such as baseball and football, and they also like to compete in order to get a high score Studying is the same as doing sports. I am of the latter opinion. I do not deny that marks make students to study hard, but that is a kind of enforcement but not encouragement.

Secondly, students always need to know their position. It might be controversial, but I think grades or GPA is fair for all students so that admission offices can take into consideration the grades as one of the criteria for applications. Students should not study for marks, but for themselves.Grades are considered the most reliable measurement of a student’s ability to study well at school.

Some people have the thought that grades encourage students to learn. On the other hands, grades are regarded to have an opposite effect on students. I am of the latter opinion. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

Nowadays, what the students talk about most is grades. It seems that grades has become the purpose of studying.

Do grades encourage students to learn?

In my opinion, grades. In an ideal world, students would love to learn and choose what they want to learn about, and all the instruction and materials they needed would be available.

Do grades encourage students to learn? Update Cancel. ad by Grammarly. Yes grades do encourage students to learn, to be honest many many students source of motivation is. Essay on Grgrades Encourage Students to Learn teacher is the person in charge of using the grades method appropriately.

Then, as everybody here knows, the current grading system can serve with a teaching purpose. Jan 22,  · How to Encourage Students to Learn.

Sometimes, it may seem like students just do not care about school work or academic achievement. However, they may just need a positive classroom environment and support from their teachers to 75%(4). The Question "Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Grades encourage students to learn.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.".

Grgrades encourage students to learn
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