Feminist jurisprudence essays

It also must ask, what counts as harm in our legal system, and why? In terms of further work, Herbert L. Fletcher, published by Oxford University Press in In this way, she claims that some features of the liberal tradition, like rights, need to be maintained for the liberatory work they can do.

Those arguing that the current definitions of harm simply cannot be revised sufficiently have radical or difference views.

This tradition is represented by such authors as Hart and Dworkin It is a fair assessment to assert that the core of feminist thought is that law is designed and created by men to rule women. Christine Littleton Littleton, offers a further set of terms for approaches to understanding equality: The legal positivist structure is, therefore, based on the concepts of rules, created by an authority and sovereign figure and containing sanctions if these rules are broken.

Two major branches of this tradition have been legal positivismon the one hand, and natural law theory on the other. The issue that for many feminists is at the heart of concerns is that of equality and rights.

This is the idea of natural law. Feminist jurisprudence essays history has created a bias in the concepts of human nature, gender potential, and social arrangements. Feminist jurisprudence attempts to respond to these problems as double standards and matters Feminist jurisprudence essays equality and rights.

Baer argues that [f]eminist jurists need not - indeed, we must not — choose between laws that treat men and women the same and laws that treat them differently. There are also many radical and difference approaches to equality. Examinations of equality are, therefore, often framed by particular substantive issues.

However, she also believes that in a racist society such as contemporary America, racial difference must be recognized because it creates disadvantage before the law.

Because "women neither create nor sustain their position in society" feminists need to scrutinize those who do.

Inclusion, Exclusion and American Law Ithaca: From these perspectives, feminist jurisprudence emphasizes two kinds of question: Thus many radical approaches although not all - MacKinnon, below, is an example of one which is not emphasize similar questions and problems as difference approaches.

But this leaves those differences which are fundamental such as the ability to be pregnant as differences which must be recognized in the law and accommodated by it. Feminists tend to agree that to the extent that a practice or person is unaware of their own perspective, that perspective will more strongly influence their interpretations of the world.

The idea of legal positivism is used to describe what the law actually is in reality rather than what it should or could be. His sense of his rights is so entrenched that he sees them as creating distance between himself and others, and believes that rights should be played down.

Finally, radical or dominant feminism focuses on inequality. This would mean that justice would alter according to the person who is seeking access to the law. So have affirmative action policies. However, nature law provides that law is created by a higher being.

Feminist Jurisprudence

Thus, according to feminist jurisprudence the legal system should be departed from and recreated by using traditional feminist beliefs. The creation of a sovereign figure is premised upon the idea of a male individual.

In order that rights be made effective for historically marginalized people, we must first see that they do not in fact function for all people in the way that they do for those they were created for.

Fuller, published by Yale University Press in Those who see the traditional system as either bankrupt or so problematic that it cannot be reshaped are often referred to as transformist or radical feminists.

Discourses on Life and Law Cambridge: It is when we become aware of biases that we are able, through critical reflection, to reduce their influence and thus move toward a greater although not a perfect objectivity. Until fairly recently for example, before the legislative reform movements of the ssome forms of these actions were not considered actionable offenses under the law.

Thus, Hart would argue that as the sovereign figure is not an individual identifiable person, how can it be male in nature and origin? On this abstract level, theoretical questions arise for feminist jurisprudence regarding equality and rights, including the following: Difference feminists are seen as sharing much with radicals.

Workplace law has frequently been challenged by feminist critics for this reason.Feminist Jurisprudence: An OverviewFeminist jurisprudence is a philosophy of law based on the political, economic, and social equality of sexes.

As a field of legal scholarship, feminist jurisprudence began in s. Feminist Jurisprudence: Equal Rights or Neo-Paternalism?

Feminist jurisprudence

by Cathy Young and Michael Weiss Michael Weiss and Cathy Young critique radical feminist jurisprudence, arguing the latter constitutes neo-paternalism and a dire threat to individual liberty. The best feminism essays and feminism articles -- Great short articles and essays on feminism.

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Feminist Jurisprudence: A Women’s Experience Essay It criticizes and subverts patriarchal assumptions about law including patriarchal attempts to present law as without a gendered point of view.

The male view of society can be summed up as competitive where the need for interdependence creates a sense of danger in which the need for. Feminist jurisprudence technically responds to the current understanding of legal thought, which arguably is identified with the liberal Anglo-American tradition.

Two of the major branches within this sphere of thought are occupied and identified by .

Feminist jurisprudence essays
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