A biography of diplomat henry cabot lodge

Lodge was easily reelected time and again but his greatest challenge came in his reelection bid in January The second was in —5 after he resigned from the Senate.

Senate untilwhen he resigned to go on active duty with the U. It is a pious and honorable duty. He lost his Senate seat in to Rep. Lodge was a major in the 1st Armored Division.

He also served as chairman of the Senate Republican Conference from to Let it once be understood that we mean to stop the horrible state of things in Cuba and it will be stopped. Thus, Lodge became the main leader of the U. Ambassador to the United Nations from to Senator Lodge argued for a powerful American role in world affairs: Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.

Resigned 3 February to enter military service with U. Inducted into the Beverly [Massachusetts] Hall of Fame in The closest the Treaty came to passage was in mid-Novemberwhen Lodge and his Republicans formed a coalition with the pro-Treaty Democrats, and were close to a two-thirds majority for a Treaty with reservations, but Wilson rejected this compromise.

Civil War but contemporaneously derided as "Mr. It was neither the first nor the last time a Lodge faced a Kennedy in a Massachusetts election: In lateLodge helped persuade General Dwight D. Lodge stood silent when Roosevelt broke with the party and ran as a third-party candidate in The landslide election of Republican Warren G.LODGE, Henry Cabot, Jr., (great-great-great grandson of George Cabot, great-great grandson of John Davis of Massachusetts, American National Biography; Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives; Lodge, Henry C., Jr., The Storm Has Many Eyes, A Personal Narrative.

New York. Biography. Henry Winkler. Henry Winkler is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Fonzie on the hit s sitcom Happy Days. Henry Cabot Lodge. Henry Cabot Lodge was an American. Henry Cabot Lodge: Henry Cabot Lodge, Republican U.S.

Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.: A Featured Biography

senator for more than 31 years (–); he led the successful congressional opposition to his country’s participation in the League of Nations following World War I. In Lodge was one of the first to. Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.: A Featured Biography Massachusetts senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.

joined the Senate incontinuing a family tradition of public service. American National Biography; Dictionary of American Biography; Garraty, John A. Henry Cabot Lodge: A Biography.

New York: Alfred A. Knopf, ; Lodge, Henry Cabot.

Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.

The Senate of the United States, and Other Essays and Addresses Historical and Literary. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (July 5, – February 27, ), sometimes referred to as Henry Cabot Lodge II, was a Republican United States Senator from Massachusetts and a United States ambassador.

He was the Republican nominee for Vice President in the presidential election alongside incumbent Vice President Richard Nixon.

A biography of diplomat henry cabot lodge
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