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The choice for family members or loved ones is to follow them on their devastating path or create a new reality of living in the moment.

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Among this population, The World Health Organization predicts that diseases 365 dementia to memory loss will triple, to reach million people worldwide by mid century. PQQ both discourages excitotoxicity and protects brain cells from its effects, reversing oxidative damage and cell death.

Health, energy level — even survival itself — are strongly associated with the number and health of mitochondria. Having said all that: Sources for this article include: Art making and listening to music are fantastic avenues for reaching people who seem to have disappeared into their disease.

Neuroinflammation causes cognitive decline, speeds the aging process and promotes the onset of dementia. My fledging theory I am creating for working with families with dementia is called, Integrity Systems Theory.

Animal studies have supported the ability of supplementary PQQ to improve cognitive function and enhance memory and learning.

365 dementia vitamin-like nutrient known as PQQ pyrroloquinoline quinone is impressing researchers with its potential to prevent and even reverse this devastating disease. However, mitochondrial function declines with age — setting the stage for neurodegenerative conditions. Researchers say that nerve growth factor helps to maintains brain plasticity, which is vital to memory and learning.

By activating molecules that protect brain cells, PQQ also works against excitotoxicity — the overstimulation of brain cells by glutamate — a major contributor to neurodegenerative disorders and stroke. PQQ reduces neuroinflammation and post- stroke damage PQQ also helps relieve inflammation in the brain — which may occur after injury, infection or stroke.

In a cell study, researchers found that the addition of PQQ reversed the damage caused by elevated glucose, preventing cell death and decreasing the production of harmful free radicals.

But, many within the integrative healthcare world have challenged that concept. Incredibly, PQQ has been shown to reduce the size of the brain area damaged by stroke — and can even be beneficial when administered after a stroke or other traumatic brain injury.

Its potential for benefiting a variety of brain conditions in humans is just beginning to be explored. Due to the demographic shift of an aging species, the predictions are that by mid century, humans over the age of 65 will outnumber the amount of children living on the planet. PQQ protects against oxidative damage from high blood sugar and excitotoxicity Chronic exposure to elevated blood glucose levels can damage brain cells — with researchers finding that diabetic patients are a stunning 60 percent more likely to develop dementia.

In one study, PQQ reversed brain damage in diabetic mice. Within cell studies, PQQ had robust and powerful effects against these toxic proteins, with researchers noting that the nutrient decreased oxidative damage, prevented the death of brain cells — and even revived cells that had started to die.

PQQ stimulates brain healing and preserves brain health, memory and cognition Studies have shown that PQQ activates nerve growth factor in brain cells and causes the formation of new nerve cells, thereby promoting healing processes in the brain.

365 Dementia

Anotherpeople suffer a stroke — the leading cause of long-term disability in the United States — every year. In an animal study published in Journal of Neurotrauma, researchers found that three days of supplementation with 20 mg a day of PQQ decreased biomarkers of inflammation, including C-reactive protein and interleukin It is found in all plant foods — with potatoes, parsley, papaya, kiwi fruit and green tea serving as particularly rich sources.

Ischemic damage can include brain cell death and the loss of function in areas of the brain where the event occurred — with consequences of memory loss, paralysis and even death. In fact, researchers have found 50 percent more mitochondrial damage in the brain cells of people over 70 than in those of middle-aged subjects.

Does this number shock you? In fact, one particularly intriguing study showed that PQQ boosted the ability of older rats to learn new information — pointing to possible benefits for ameliorating cognitive decline and dementia.A difficult truth about dementia is that you can't predict which symptoms will appear, so this book covers all of them.

And it goes over some of the science behind the more frustrating symptoms, like when the patient is in total denial about their condition, which definitely helps the caregiver cope/5(K).


Dementia is a word used to describe a group of symptoms including memory loss, confusion, mood changes, and difficulty with day-to -day task.

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365 dementia
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